Know how


In order to create
a bath towel

just imagine
hanging a painting on a wall
and getting lost inside it…
and then perhaps running into the artist
and his muse while you’re there;

just imagine
a rug spread out on the floor
and then lying down on it,
naked or fully dressed,
on your own or with someone else;

just imagine
wearing a piece of clothing that we cherish
and wrapping ourselves up in it…..
from noon till night;

and then,
if you’re a little crazy,
you might be able to imagine a work of art
that’s water resistant;
a decorative piece which is also soft and cosy.

Creating a
also relies on age-old expertise,
using high-quality fabric
and the most advanced
manufacturing techniques…

The most important quality a towel must have is to dry our bodies, so to ensure this, we have selected the best quality terry towelling. Developed in the mid 19th century in England, this fabric is created by using a clever terry weave made up of a weft thread and two warp threads. The first warp thread gives the fabric its frame; the second forms the loops.

For extra softness we use combed cotton. During the cotton spinning cotton process – we use a technique called combing – to eliminate the short fibres and lengthen the longer ones. Because the longer they are, … the softer they are… And you get an astonishingly soft and silk-like thread.

To create a more resistant cotton, we have chosen a twisted yarn, whereby two threads are joined in an inverted twist during production. This twist is more resistant and won’t pull, if you were to get it caught on a piece of jewellery, or any other sharp object .

For the towel to be more even absorbent, we have increased the weight and thickness of the cotton. The higher the gms, the more absorbent the material. Let’s not forget that the primary function of a towel is to… get dry!

To create vibrant colour, the back of the towel is just one solid tone – Blue. Why ? Because we like the idea of diving into the blue waters of a swimming pool which is reminiscent of the cotton threads plunging into a bath of dye.

For long-lasting colors,we use a special technique by which we print on a flat frame. This method is called à la Lyonnaise because it was invented in the town of Lyon around 1850. It works in the same way as screen printing, colors are placed in printing frames in a particular order one after the other. At the end of the color fixing stage, only the dye molecules attach themselves to the fibre. Colors penetrate right to the base of each cotton loop to make them more permanent and long lasting against their natural tendency!

Environmental concerns are important to us, so all our towels come with a OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification « Confidence in textiles ». This label guarantees the absence of harmful substances in our towel manufacturing process and the absence (or very low dosages) of chemicals which are damaging to health and skin. VOC emissions- Volatile Organic Compounds- and odour emissions are also limited.

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